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  • Design and engineering management experience
  • Award-winning, on-the-shelf products and applications (multi-million dollar, large-scale projects)
  • User interface and interaction design, user experience, and human-computer interface (HCI) expertise
  • Program development and division building
  • Making complex decision space beautiful and easily digestible
  • Held positions at Apple Computer, NCSA, MIT, a few startups and currently at MITRE


Involution Studios    Jan 2009 - current
Creative Director
Arlington, MA

  • Designer and studio head of Boston office
  • Design and deliver remarkable on-the-shelf products and services
  • Rapid prototyping, interface design, product design, company direction and strategy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)    2008 - current
Cambridge, MA

MITRE    Jan 2003 - current
Design Group Leader
Bedford, MA

  • User Interface Design and group lead, project management, and strategy
  • User interface and interaction design, HCI research, service and product design
  • Managing a suite of applications, instituting design patterns and guidelines
  • Group direction, mentoring, and professional development

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)    2001- 2002
User Interface Design Consultant
Cambridge, MA
  • Project architect for distance education and classroom learning applications
  • User interface and interaction design

Cinoni, Inc    2000-2001
Director of Creative Practice
Boston, MA

  • Managed creative division and front-end development
  • User interface and interaction design, service design
  • Marketing, branding, PR, collateral design and production

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)    1995-2000
User Interface Designer, Research Scientist

  • User interface and interaction design, HCI, user experience, evaluation, testing
  • Creative direction and architecting project-wide visual standards and designs
  • Interactive installation design, physical environment and product design
  • National program development, public policy, and strategy for Education and Outreach Division for NCSA
  • Research and rapid prototypes using dynamic sonification and visualization
International Media Recognition
    Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, Euro Television, Siggraph, Siemens Broadcasting, Village Voice
International Engagements The Media Café    1996-1997
Director of Production
New York, NY, Urbana, IL; Washington D.C.
  • Production manager, user interface design for critically acclaimed on-the-shelf software
  • Marketing, branding, PC, and collateral production
International Media Recognition Apple Computer    1994
Education and Outreach
  • K-12 and Higher Education product deployment

Independent Projects and Interests


  • Lexington Symphony (55-seat regional orchestra)


    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   
    BA - Cinematography (and Mechanical Engineering)


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