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Web Applications

The following examples were created in 2004.

Note: Many projects cannot be showcased publicly because of confidentiality and security agreements. They may be available by request.

ENweb: AF Engineering program management software
2004 (Launched May 2004)

My Role: Project Lead, Interaction Designer

ENweb logo/box design

Paper prototype 1

Paper prototype 2

Paper prototype 3

Dashboard trials

More dashboard trials

Dashboard v.07

Consumer reports-like

Page schema

Paper prototype .03 to .05

App map

Wall of UI

Users aren't supposed to see this...


StaffPlan: MITRE staff planning application
2004 (prototype in progress)

My Role: Interaction Designer

StaffPlan paper prototype v.01 (first one off the drawing board.. very rough)

Prototype division view (running on stage box)

EProject paper prototype v.05

Look familiar? Standardish example of lots o' graphs

Menu prototypes






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