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Animation, Computer Graphics, and Compositing

Malloc Failure
Experimental animation, alogrithmically derived polygons
Created by Camille Goudeseune and Juhan Sonin
Animation created in Softimage
Audio edited using proprietary NCSA audio software

Scene shot 1, opening sequence

Scene shot 2, ending sequence
Quicktime movie: 160x100, 22/16 bit audio, 4.9 MBs
Quicktime movie: 320x200, 22/16 bit audio, 8.5 MBs

Da Whale
Aug 1997
Co-created with Andrew Beddini
Model created/animated in Alias Poweranimator8 by Andrew Beddini
Composited/edited in After Effects and Media100

Surrounding wetlands

Whale jumping out of pond
Quicktime movie: 320x280, 22/8 bit audio, 5 MB

Music for Unaccompanied Piano
Aug 1996
Selected for Siggraph 1998 main theatre (45 sec)

Created by Robin Bargar, Andrew Beddini, and Alex Betts
Technical support by Juhan Sonin and Camille Goudeseune
Model created/animated in Alias Poweranimator8
Siggraph 1996 realtime audio seminar demonstration

Piano getting pelted with balls

Quicktime movie: 160x180, 22/8 bit audio, 16 MB

The Subway
Created by Andrew Beddini and Karl Coyner
Model created/animated in Alias Poweranimator8
Technical support: Juhan Sonin

Opening shot sequence

Alien running with subway train (motion blur enabled)
Quicktime movie: 240x180, mid quality, 22/8 bit audio, 10 MBs
Quicktime movie: 320x240, highest quality, 22/16 bit audio, 21 MB

The Gargoyle
Created by Stephen Unterfranz
Technical assistance by Juhan Sonin

Mid-sequence wideshot of gargoyle

Spaceship Attacking Beckman Institute
Aug 1996
Created by Andrew Beddini, Aaron Parmele, Juhan Sonin
Model created/animated in Alias Poweranimator8

Ship approaching quad

Quicktime movie: 180x120, 22/8 bit audio, 2.4 MBs

Expofarata Caleoprectful
Fall 1995
Titling sequence for nationwide communication extension service seminar series
Created by Juhan Sonin
Model created/animated in Xaos Pandemonium and nTitle v.1

Ending title sequence shot

The Factory
Experimental animation project
Model created/animated in Softimage
Audio edited on proprietary NCSA audio softwar

Factory building architecture (unshaded render)






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