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In Game: Katya's Webpage (Rather out-of-date)


[Here are various collections of information and updates on research projects Katya has been involved in. Out of game, info compiled by Andrea; in-game, info compiled by someone other than Katya, but linked to her secure-crew-only webpage. Or something. We try not to think about it too hard. :) ]

Current Info and Projects

Notes on Refounding Scouting and Charging Katya's Line (in progress)

Notes on Jayla's Religion

A conversation with Ghier about various psi- and decider-related topics.

Psi Crystal Research (Eva, then Ruehan--outdated)

Outdated Info, Finished Projects

List of skills-people for reading the Hegimonicon

Notes on Flames ritual and skills for it

Decider Amulet/Xenopsi Research (Ruehan) (Out dated: project is finished now.)

Where In The Linked Worlds Is HMS Hippocrates?

Highborn Inworld Ladies Crack Suicide Squad

Out Of Game


Katya is small and frail, and not very adept physically. Katya has a tendency to do things telekinetically that it would be just as easy to do manually (e.g. hand you a screwdriver, move the mouse on her laptop).

Katya habitually wears contact lenses that mask her funny-looking eyes. When she first arrived on the ship, she didn't seem to pay much attention to her appearance, and her clothing tended to the generic (and often picked by someone else). However, since around 2780.42, she has worn her hair in a more sophisticated style, and her clothing has become moderately flashy/sexy. (Around the time of the Flames, Katya added some business/formalwear to her wardrobe, which she has occasionally been seen wearing on Official or Serious occasions.)

Katya's room is all but bare; she doesn't seem to have much in the way of physical posessions, though she's accrued some over her time on the Hippocrates, including (as of the Flames): a statuette of two figures twined around each other (broken and repaired), a carved wooden box, a holo-projector, a beekeeper's hat with veil, and a sling for holding a baby. Also a lot of new of clothing. Cassandra's portrait of Katya hangs on the wall. Also on the wall are a bunch of hand-drawn sketches of various people (mostly former crew members), and a holo-album of Nomarche pictures. Since Martan moved in, the room has become a bit more cluttered (though he doesn't have a lot of possessions either; mostly clothing), and there's a cat living in here.

Season 1 Notes

Season 2 Notes

Season 3 Notes

Season 4 Notes

Season 5 Notes:

2781.186 Katya is sad and withdrawn, and much less animated than usual. She spends most of her time hanging out in public areas where other people are, but she's not very sociable; mostly she sits and watches, or stares off into space. If you talk to her, she responds, and if you ask her to do something, she complies, but she doesn't take the initiative much. Whatever she does, she seems to be making an explict effort to do it.

Katya is rarely to be found in her room, and seems to be spending nights on a cot in med lab near the incubator.

Katya is still wearing her wedding ring, but is no longer wearing the diamond bracelet.

Katya has several long conversations with Ruthie. She also spends some time with Jim.

Katya and Jim go off on a night excursion and return with Dierdre.

2781.199: Katya has continued to sleep in Med Lab and spend almost all her time outside her room. But today, she disappears into her room for an entire day, in privacy mode and not responding to messages/visitors.

2781.205-245: Katya is in busy-mode, spending most of her time going on the various party errands when the ship is on New Light, Highguard, and Stannis Law. In space between one place and the next, she is in almost constant activity and can often be found working out in the rec room (with or without kids) if she's not discussing Scouting or politics. She interacts with people fairly normally, but she's less animated than usual, and there's always an air of rigidity, or control, about her.

On Stannis Law, there's a funeral for Martan. Katya stays by the grave long after the rest of the crew have left. She eventually returns to the ship (attended by Dierdre) pale and silent, and shuts herself in her room.

2781.264: Katya is quiet and often broody. She spends most of her time hanging out in the common areas, or in Med Bay staring at the incubator, often with her (Martan's) cat in tow. She can usually be found drawing in one of a pair of large sketchbooks; she's fairly careful to keep the pages out of casual view. While on ship, she's taken to wearing a somewhat abused and much-too-large sweatshirt with a smiley face printed on it.

2781.305-310: Katya is in a more consistently cheerful mood than she has been since the Flames, despite worries over the various crises the crew is worrying about these days. She's still sleeping on a cot by the incubator.

2781.319-330: Katya has stopped wearing her tinted contacts most of the time.

Katya is strangely noticeable this week.

Katya starts actually spending time in her room again, though still not sleeping there.

2781.345 Katya is strangely noticeable again today.

2781.354-55 After she wakes up, Katya spends a bunch of time off-ship with Dierdre, and then in her room alone.

2781.356Katya's room has been reorganized: most of Martan's belongings are gone (though there are a bunch of boxes in the closet). His shelf of books is still there, also the cat and cat-accoutrements. Katya's own collection of books has been expanding (most are psi-related, though some seem to be child-related). The holo-projector and the wooden box are in one corner. Cassandra's portrait of Martan (which is somewhat damaged) hangs opposite the portrait of Katya. Below it is a charcoal sketch of Martan, lying in the grass and smiling up at the sky.

Katya and Mirris go on a shopping trip, and Katya is in a good mood afterwards. Katya's room now has a crib and a small amount of other baby gear arranged in it.

2782.011 Katya has a baby! She's pretty much always carrying it around in a fuzzy sling. She makes a point of going about and showing the baby to everyone. Katya has a card with the baby's name printed on it: Martya Evaline Lavalor. Katya seems a bit sleep-depp'ed but happy.

2782.012 There is a vase of blue and white flowers on Katya's dresser. Also, there's a hand-drawn scroll hanging over Katya's desk, and a couple of pictures of Katya and Jim with some kids.

2782.39-40 Katya is kind of sad and broody for a couple of days.

2782.40 There are some flowers in a glass of water on Katya's dresser. (The empty blue and white vase is also still on the dresser.)

2782.50 Katya has a bunch of people power project at her all at once, after which she seems rather like a Woman with a Battery (but an important one) for a while.

~2782.90-153 Katya seems rather subdued these days.

2782.153 Katya hosts a formal dinner for the crew. Afterwards, she disappears into her room and isn't seen for a while.

~2782.155-162 Over the latter part of the stay on the lost planet, Katya starts acting more like her usual self, 'talking' a bit more and venturing off the ship for various errands and expeditions. She usually leaves Martya behind on the ship when she goes out.

2782.216 Katya divides most of her time between hanging about in the Kaufmann room while Ace is in the tubes, and hanging about watching Jim from a discreet distance.

~2782.300 Katya starts regularly spending time with Dylanna, often in the kichen making cookies. Linnet and Ruthie are sometimes with them.

2782.308-312 While Hippocrates is kidnapped, Katya spends much of her time in Mirris's War Room, or otherwise publicly available. She also spends some time with Linnet, Ruthie, and the Smeerps.

2782.322 Katya attends Max's party, dressed elegantly but not quite so attention-grabbingly as at certain recent parties. She mostly mingles, but some may also have noticed her gazing wistfully out over the beach for a while.

3782.343-345: While on Highgaurd, Katya spends a bunch of time wandering around town by herself (except for Martya and Dierdre). When she's around the ship, she's wistful and a bit withdrawn. She also visits a baker with Dylanna.

2783.082 Katya is quiet and grim; she's around in public areas of the ship a lot and always ready to do whatever needs doing, but she's not very socialble. She spends a lot of time helping out with rescue/medical aftermath of the battle.

Things Katya has been observed to do:

Meta Meta Meta

Filk Fragment:

Oh we go real fast through jumpgates, and the Dust Wyrm doesn't phase us
And we never get bogged down in interstellar sleet or hail
But each time we run an errand, we get jumped by some new crisis,
So we'll never get to Nonesuch with the mail.

Katya Images/Downloads:

Meeting of the Minds

Dancing in the Red Dress: Plain, and Fantasia

Evgenia (age 21)

Love is Stronger Than the Grave

Player: Andrea Humez
Email: shadow at alum dot mit dot edu

Thanks to Laura for Katya's graphics.

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