Decider Amulet/Xenopsionics Research Project

Goal of Project: The end goal of the research is a new theory of how Xenopsionics work. We'll also be able to lea rn the xenopsionic skill.

Lead Researcher: Ruehan V'Dalari

Current Phase: Experimentation (2 of 3)

Experiments in Progress (Total needed = 3)

1. Psionic scans of different races using the amulet--Done!

Psychically scan a person from 6 different non-human races while using the amulet and get 6 successes for each. (That could includ e up to one of non-sentient animal and one uplifted in the human "category".)

To perform an assay on ("scan") someone/something, you want to do:

1) some variant of telepathy

2) some variant of sense-mind

In each case, you may only use as much skill in telepathy / sense mind / whatever as you have skill in psionic theory.

For both, you should roll against their resistance. Take the minimum of the two. Add this to the total score for that race. To add to that score repeat the procedure on another member of that race. You should get to a score of six for each race.

Experiment Status: We've scanned Brocoah, Hive, Tinoori,Animal, Uplift, Isinglass. (extra partial data on Vertak and Uplift). --Done!

2. Using psi powers by different races out. (Reverse the current experiment, and get folks of different species to use psi powers while wearing the amulet. ) --Done!

Six different samples, where the samples can differ in the race, or in the type of thing they're doing. (though no using the same person with different shticks for two samples). Each of them should do something that involves rolling at least six Str of Psi dice and at least six Pre of Psi dice (they can add fortune) while someone else scans them. "Scan" here means same as in the first experiment, i.e. with two separate talents, but the successes you get on the scan roll are not a relevent bit of the mechanic here. The Str and Pre rolls can be from different schticks, but only one of them will count for the list of schticks in the next step. They have to be actual psi powers, not just fortune rolls.

Once this is done (and you can keep adding people past six, as long as they're different), make a data crunching roll. [Is this Mind/Pre or Mind/Str? Or what?] You get one skill for this for each race above one you have in your data set, and each different type of schtick you have in your data set above one.

Again, you want six successes, and if you fail this roll, you can try again in N days when you failed by N.

Experiment Status: Done!

Subject Race Schtick Scanned By
Martan Human Telekenisis Katya
Grimblemaury Uplift Teleport Katya
Jayla Human Divine Right Ruehan
[Dolphin] Dolphin (= Uplift?) Visions Ruehan
Katya Human Psi Defense (& Telepathy) Ruehan
Ruehan Vertak Psychic Drain Katya
Kith Human [detect life/detect emotion] Katya


Experiments Under Discussion

1. Exposing the amulet to various types of energy:

Pick six types of dangerous energy that might conceivably destroy a delicate crystal.

Zap the amulet with ever-increasing amounts of it, making Pre of Mind rolls with appropriate skill. You want to get first one success, then two, then three, and so on, up to six. You can use your skill to either add to your dice or subtract from them.

If you don't make one of the rolls on the way up to six, this energy isn't useful data. If you don't make the six-successes roll, you may have damaged the amulet. Let us know if this happens, and what you got.

Once you have your six energy types, make a data crunching roll. This is a Pre of Mind roll using psionic theory and research; you want, again, six successes, and if you fail this roll, you can try again in N days when you failed by N.

2. Have Jayla ask some questions about "all people" with it on and then again with it off, and see what changes.