Katya-Watch: Season 4

2780.300 There are new pictures on Katya's wall: Jayla and Janzur. In the picture of Jayla, she is holding an open book and pointing to something in it, while earnestly explaining something to the viewer. Janzur's picture shows him uniformed and serious, as though standing guard or having a formal portrait done; behind him there is the outline of another Janzur, this one facing not quite squarely towards the viewer, with the top couple of buttons of his jacket undone and a large tropical flower in his hand, smiling gently.

Katya spends a bunch of time hanging around in Mendel's Hegemon suite, by herself, or poring over the Hegimonicon. When she's in company, she seems cheerful; she seems particularly entertained by Akito, with whom she spends a fair amount of time.

2780.311: Katya is under the weather, but declines to be healed or go in the tubes. She reports to sick bay daily for scanning by Hippocrates.

Katya and Hippocrates take a side trip to Stannis' Law and New Light.

2780.322: Katya seems to be physically fine upon returning from her field trip.

2780.330: There are a couple of days of awkwardness between Katya and Martan, following which they start spending even more time together than usual. There is an air of intensity underlying Katya's manner much of the time.

2780.339 Katya's wall has another drawing: Maury, holding a wrench in one hand and grinning mischievously; there are sparkles in his tail and the faint suggestion of a circlet around his brow.

Katya and Ruehan start offering Power Projection lessons to anyone who's interested.

2780.355 Katya goes to Pierogi with Ruehan and Martan while the ship pursues other adventures.

2781.018 Back on board! Katya spends a lot of time teaching Clelerius and Kattan Quintero (and anyone else who wants to learn) more Power Projection. In the evenings, she mostly disappears with Martan. Her general demeanor is intense, with occasional flashes of temper. On the rare occasions when she's hanging out in public, she is cold towards Jim and seems to be angry with Akito.

A new drawing appears on Katya's wall: Andrej, looking over his shoulder at the viewer with a sad half-smile.

2781.023 Like last week, only more so; if she's not teaching or talking about/working on serious business, Katya's probably not around. (Though if you try to talk to her, she is willing enough.) If you look for her in her room, either she's not there (more common) or Martan is there too.

2781.037 Katya is quietly gleeful. Occasionally she can be seen staring sadly into space, but these moments of abstraction never last long.

2781.045 Martan's stateroom having been destroyed (along with several others), he moves into Katya's room.

Katya volunteers for another Kaufman experiment, which ends with her being tossed into the tubes, as these things often do.

2781.057 Katya goes into PP-training frenzy again, working with Cogent Syllogism and Alexandra Cooper. She spends some time with Mirris and Linnet, and evenings with Martan, but is busybusybusy. She seems generally keyed-up. She's taken to wearing a diamond bracelet.

2781.061 Katya seems to be both melancholy and trying to hide it.

Katya goes to a gathering at the Faniciful Gardens, with Eva, Hippocrates, Sharra, and Mirris. She comes back seething and spends a long while in the rec room practicing with her throwing stars.

2781.070 Katya is grim, intense, and boiling over with nervous energy (some of which she burns off teaching PP and conferring with Hippocrates and others about the ritual and about Eva's rescue). She takes some time out to go shopping with Martan; they return with a pile of clothing for him, and also a wedding dress.

2781.091 After being patched up in medbay, Katya's still looking somewhat banged up and moving more gingerly than usual. While Hegemon Marchant is on board, she is attentive to him. She also spends some time with Geoffrey Oxford before the ship reaches Stannis Law. When not engaged in business, her demeanor flip-flops between grim and excited.

2781.099 Katya and Martan get married! For their honeymoon, they spend a night in an undisclosed location (Deirdre acompanies them). Then it's back to business, though Katya makes a point of spending most of her 'off-duty' time with her husband. She seems happy.

2781.124 Katya has been spending more time with Jim lately.

New objects in Katya and Martan's room: a carved wooden music box, and a little holo-projector.

Katya and Martan spend some time each day visiting the incubator in the med lab.

Katya spends some time with Linnet and Ruthie, and with Smeerp Patrol.

2781.147 Since the news of Eva's death, Katya seems to be quite upset and shaken, though most of the time (in public, anyway) this is mostly pushed under the surface busy-preparing-for-the-flames attitude. She spends most of her time with other people, either working or just hanging out, though evenings are still reserved for Martan, and she does occasionally dissappear by herself into the Diversity for a while. Katya teaches Ciernan to shoot a blaster.

Katya and Mirris spend some time packing up Eva's possessions into boxes.

Katya attends Jim's board of review, and returns seeming drained and thoughtful.

The sketch of Eva and Katya that used to be in Eva's room is now on Katya's wall of pictures.