OOG Note: text in italics represents in-game images. So do actual images. :)

balance scales justice
stick figure kneeling with head on block; standing stick figure laying aside sword mercy
heart-with-hole want
brain-in-jar AI
purple cow "I meant that more metaphorically and abstractly, not so literally."
thought bubble with hole in it forget
stick figure on bed, clutching pillow, with tentacle sticking out from under bed scared/worried
spaceship-hippocrates the crew
hippocrates-bot Hippocrates himself
lightbulb (stick figure with lightbulb over head) idea
light bulb with a circle around it (stick figure with light-bulb-in-circle over head) intuition
Katya puts her hands together prayer-fashion Please
Katya slaps herself on the wrist I'm sorry
Katya crosses her hands over her heart and bows Thank you
Katya puts one hand over hear heart and raises the other palm-outwards I promise
Katya holds out both hands and makes a balancing gesture choosing between two things

(Here is some sort of user interface, allowing you to enter text or images into any of the three lists. For the moment, at least, this is mechanicked by sending Andrea email. Perhaps there will eventually be a real interface of some sort. :) )