Jayla's Notes on her Religion

The philosophy itself is somewhere between Christianity and Buddhism, where the primary objective is to remove suffering from the world. While this involves a lot self-examination and growth, it is not quite so lonely a task, as one can find a Guide to help. This Guide, however, exists in flesh and blood.

Jayla spends a lot of time with folks, espousing a "be excellent to each other" kind of philosophy. She makes it clear that she has their best interests at heart. She also makes it clear, however, that she has their neighbor's best interests at heart, and every caste's interests, and the people in the Hegemonies, and the Outworlds, too. The intro always starts in as personal a way as she can manage, though.

"Removing suffering from the world is clearly too large a goal to accomplish today. Instead, we will focus on ways to reduce your own, personal suffering." (In small groups, these are practical, concrete suggestions tailored to the individuals that are present. In larger groups, they are more philosophical ways of thinking about general badness.) "In the long term, I hope you come to try the joyful method of helping to relieve the suffering of others. But today, we start at home."

Jayla presents herself as the GUIDE. She is dedicated to bringing All People out of suffering as best she can. She works for everyone.

If people around her are so moved, she welcomes them into her TRIBE. These are the people who wish to have close, personal relationship with the GUIDE. They will exchange vows. She promises to serve them as GUIDE, advising them and looking out for them as best she can. She promises to love them. They promise to keep her in their hearts and think about her words and teachings, accepting her as GUIDE. These vows formalize the relationship, and cement their mutual respect and affection. This is not the traditional Hegemonic relationship, as they have not promised to obey, and Jayla symbolizes this by placing herself in the subservient position during the vows. She kneels, promising herself to the DISCIPLE. This is also designed to allow DISCIPLES to keep their other secular loyalties.

Before anyone swears, she points out that, because they are PEOPLE, they already have her service. They should only take this step if they truly desire her for their GUIDE.

After this step, if someone is really psyched, and want to know how to do more for All People or for her, Jayla takes them aside and explains in gory detail what it means to swear for real and for true. There is a higher calling, and if they really want to walk that path, she will welcome them with open arms, and tears in her eyes. This requires that they trust her completely. Jayla always uses Epiphany and Infallibility to verify that they really want this, and that it's best for all people. If the Infallibility tells her that it's bad for the person but good for All People, she'll tell them that before they swear. She will explain that this means that their old loyalties, while hopefully still important, must take a back seat. If this would put them in an intolerable position, she will recommend ways to reconcile that. If someone makes it this far, and doesn't run off screaming, she performs a full-fledged Swearing. This time, she's already sworn to look out for them as best she can, so she really doesn't promise much more. They however, pretty much swear it all.