Skills/plan for flames ritual

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Ritual Parameters (Modified for Puce Hegemon version) :

Note: as of ???, Dr Cain's Puce-Hegemon-ness (hegemon of Perception, the Tinoori Psi Special substat) has been successfully transferred to First Frost of Autumn. This means that unless we do something truly mad, we're committed to the Puce version of the ritual unless we kill FFA.

Here's the Puce Hegemon version of the ritual.

Note: a guiding principle of this ritual is "The Puce Hegemon may never touch the Star." (Even at other times than the ritual, having him touch the Star may be bad--note that Cain had underlings build his device and left the Star with them when he fled.)

People assigned to groups.

Some interesting information (mostly justifications/explanations for why the ritual is the way it is):

What do I need to do to prepare for the ritual?

List of things to take care of
  • Update Jayla and get some idea from her what she will bring/prepare done. friends list and group stats list updated accordingly. she awaits our message to go.
  • Train FFA (see Puce Hegemon requirements) He and his parents understand the requirements of the ritual, and he's started learning PP.
  • Brief Donella, get her buy-in, and get her to learn what she needs to learn: PP, a consciously-usable Fortune talent (if she doesn't have one) that she can put buckets of SP into and that is appropriate for repeated use in the midst of a ritual, and Gathering (alternatively, we could teach FFA Gathering and also send a second Gatherer as one of the Preservers; but if Donella learns it, she can do both of these Gatherings). She has a gathering schtick and has been learning PP. Good to go. (er, we haven't checked on the talent front, but I'm going to assume she's OK there too)
  • Crunch some numbers to find out how many NPCs we're actually going to need (i.e. how few we can make it) and of what types. This includes "how much can we buff ourselves?" (Note that buffing 50 people is hard; buffing 4 is much easier.) See notes elsewhere on this page Most recent number crunching from Tom
  • Make a plan for recruiting and training the NPCs, and get to work on it. Here's a list-in-progress of people we might recruit, and which ones we've got so far. Highlights: we've got bulk outworld psis arranged, and are working on teaching them PP. We don't have exact numbers, and we don't know, e.g. what their stats are or whether they will leave us short of PRE (but being outworlders, that's a risk). Jim and the Tinoori have recruited on Cabry. We have not yet asked Shaddam or Donella for psis. Eva is making arrangements to bring the people training on Crux to Highguard to wait for our pick-up, so we don't have to go through Gateway to get them when the time comes. Update: with new Brocoah recruits, we should be all set.
  • Assign people groups/roles. Mostly done. A couple of PCs and a bunch of named NPCs are still unassigned. We also haven't finished recruiting bulk NPCs, so haven't assigned them yet. People in groups.
  • Train appropriately. Learn Power Projection!
  • Remember that step 0 of the ritual is to turn on the Bowl and Star. :)
  • Figure out what hoops we need to jump through, politically and logistically, to get everyone where they need to go with some chance of success. Potential issues include: Getting Donella to Gateway and then Craterrock (the former in Red, the latter requiring a trip through Red for any ship but Hippoc, which could go through Vircus); getting everyone to Gateway, and into the Bowl (Klothos controls both and currently hates us); setting up a plan for keeping non-participants out of the Bowl and Pole in particular (since those are areas rather than items; though at least the Pole just has an entrance (I think); generally not getting leapt upon by local authorities for doing wierd stuff. Then get it dealt with somehow!

  • To look into (answers we've discovered in boldface):