Katya-Watch: Season 2

2778.297: Katya is even paler and thinner than usual, but in more cheerful spirits than she's been for a while. She has taken to wearing a pendant in the shape of a red, five-pointed flower.

2778.338: Katya has been spending time with the Tinoori and with Martan lately. Also with Ghier, while he's on board.

2779.37: Katya is acting jumpy and less sociable than usual.

2779.85: Since stopping at Crux en route to Pierogi, Katya is back to her usual self. She's been spending time with Jayla regularly of late.

2779.93: Katya has gone into intensive-study mode. She's spending a lot of time doing target practice (blasters and ship's guns) with Ace, who also seems to be giving her physical endurance training (the two of them can often be seen jogging through the corridors, sometimes with Jim or others. Plans are apparently afoot to get First Frost of Autumn to join in, once we pick up the Tinoori from Crux ). Anya's teaching Katya and Ace to throw stuff, too. All this physical stuff doesn't seem to come easily to Katya, but she's clearly working hard at it.

Katya also seems to be using TK much less frequently than usual, if at all; she doesn't practice lifting random objects in the rec room any more. Occasionally, you see her start to use TK for some routine action, then stop with a look of irritation and do the thing manually.

Katya has a constant air of concentrating very hard on whatever she happens to be doing at the moment, even if it's just hanging around and chatting. She also gets grouchy easily these days, though when she does, she is often just as quickly apologetic.

2779.123: Having volunteered as a test subject, Katya has been put into the prototype Kaufman tube (after being inflicted with frostbite).

2779.155-160: Out of the tubes and going on the various side-trips on Juice, Katya is cheerful (sometimes verging on manic) most of the time, but occasionally falls into a spell of gloomy brooding. She's using TK as usual again, though she still seems to be making an effort to do routine things (e.g. pass the salt) manually.

Katya's looking a bit more physically robust these days.

While visiting the whales, Katya discovered that flying underwater is kind of like being a submarine (and is good for startling dolphins).

Katya came back from the pole trip undamaged but unusually grumpy.

2779.180: Katya is spending time with Kith these days. Martan is teaching Katya to dance. Katya continues to help Ruehan with the amulet research. She's spending more time with Janzur lately, too.

2779.189: Katya broods. There seems to be tension between her and Janzur; Katya often seems to be trying to stay out of Janzur's way.

2779.203: While on the Well, Katya sticks pretty closely to Ace. Relations with Janzur seem to be more or less normal again.

After going along on Kith and Kye's gambling adventure, Katya goes low-grav dancing with Martan, Eva, and Janzur, which she enjoys very much.

2779.215: While Eva is in the experimental Kaufman tube, Katya spends a lot of her spare time hovering anxiously by the tube.

2779.240-245: After returning from Klothos's clinic, Katya spends a while bouncing off the walls. By the time the Hippocrates reaches Juice, she's calmed down some, but is still more hyper and confident than usual. She agitates for an expedition to the Pole to turn off the Bowl, but Kith talks her into going into the portable Kaufman tube instead.

2779.246-?: The tube spits Katya out after a day or so... She cycles through a couple more times before and after the trip to Tyrell's Folly.

2779.??: Following the trip to Stannis' Law, Katya is happy and uncharacteristically serene.