Refounding Scouts and Charging Katya's Line

What's necessary for charging the Nomarche line?

Some things we know about Hegemon genetics

Some things we know about stat caps and ascension

Some things we know about models for charging the three bloodlines and about options for charging Katya's line in the "charge in paralell, one political hegemon" scenario

Questions/concerns to consider

What should membership look like?

What infrastructure is needed? How to build it?

Interactions of the three realms



Give the Scouts a service mission (Hippocrates)

Put Scouts in charge of the jumpgates (not currrently a function of government, and we have the toy to make it happen). Possibly in conjunction with putting them in charge of some other things. (Ciernan)

Could AIs support the Scouts or take over some of their original mission? (Hippocrates)

Some thoughts from Katya.

Capsule summary of Scouts from Jim's day

Plan for refounding Scouts (in progress)

Jim and Katya's proposed plan

Mission statement

Structure (long term)

Logistics of refounding (and short-term structure)

How you can help

How will Katya-and-Scouts fit into the larger three-thrones picture?

Current status of negotiations with Donella, Jayla, and non-bloodline political leaders: