Katya-Watch: Season 3

2780.026: Katya sticks close to Ace while he putters on the Well. Katya goes dancing with Martan one night; for the next couple of days she is alternately cheerful, lost in thought, and somewhat irritated-looking.

2780.30-40: Katya comes back from the gambling trip in high spirits, which last for several days; she seems a bit more self-confident than usual and is extra sociable (even a bit flirtatious with the male crew members).

2780.42: After Sook's memorial service, Katya is serious and thoughtful. People visiting her stateroom over the next few days will notice that her desk is covered with what seems to be an art project.

Katya's stateroom has some new decorations: under the portrait of Katya, a holo-photo album is propped up, displaying a picture of Vissarion, Ambros, and Arista Nomarche (looking young and happy). On another wall are three hand-drawn pictures: one of Kith laying her hands on someone's head (only the back of the head is visible, as the person is facing Kith); one of Sook with her hand melded into the wall of the secret lab on the Well; one of Anya, plasma halberd in her right hand, left hand resting on the neck of her lute.

Katya, Eva, Cassandra, Mirris, and Sharra go shopping. Katya comes back with a sophisticated haircut (with some decorative highlights). She also seems to have acquired a new wardrobe: instead of the ship's coveralls or jeans-and-Tshirt she's been wearing, her default dress is now moderately sexy and/or flashy street clothing. (She still wears the more low-key stuff for situations where being overlooked seems useful.)

Katya is spending time with Mirris lately.

Shortly before the Hippocrates leaves the Well, Katya suddenly becomes very happy and bouncy (the bounciness is sometimes literal, as she occasionally goes flying around instead of walking). She can sometimes be seen being publicly cute with Martan.

2780.044-065 The manic mood lasts only a short while, to be abruptly replaced by broody intensity. Katya seems to be focusing almost exclusively on doing work: either practicing her skills, doing ship's tasks, or offering assistence to anyone who seems to need it. She spends a lot of time in public, but very little being randomly social; when she's not helping with something, she tends to hover around watching people--in particular, she seems to be keeping an eye on Sophia, Sharra, and Eva (and Jim and Jayla, on their rare appearences outside their rooms). She's still wearing the new wardrobe, but she's no longer being cute with Martan or flirtatious with anyone.

A bit before Eva's Winterfair party, Katya gets more relaxed and normally social, though she still is doing a lot of working and watching out for people.

2780.065 Katya hovers around sickbay while Eva is unconscious, refusing to leave.

2780.091 Katya and Martan do some psi-with-fortune-dice experiments. Lots of flying beanbags and staring fixedly at each other an occasional inexplicable laughter.

2780.110 Katya is strikingly suntanned.

Since the sinking of the city on Juice, Kayta has been somewhat broody. She can often be found in the rec room doing the TK equivilant of weight-lifting, or working with Mirris and/or Martan.

2780.115 Katya has taken to being publicly cute with Martan; he's a bit more reserved about it than she is.

2780.138 Katya's in a particularly good mood these days; even a little smug.

2780.139 Katya seems to be avoiding Jim, except when duties (such as attending the committee plot) require them to be in the same place. She's still in a good mood.

2780.160 Martan takes Katya's place as test subject for Horrible Kaufman Research. Katya sulks. Or maybe she's fretting. It's hard to tell. :)

(She still seems to be avoiding Jim.)

2780.203 Katya seems anxious and unhappy.

2780.228 Since returning from being kidnapped, Katya is grim and agitated. She spends most of her time in company, but isn't actually very sociable; often she'll sit off to one side of a group of people, looking off into space as though listening for something. Sometimes she knocks on people's doors, waves hello, and wanders off without apparently having come for anything in particular. Sometimes she can be found in the lab, staring thoughtfully at the incubating fetuses. She mostly doesn't leave the ship; on the couple of occasions she does, she is accompanied by Janzur in bodyguard-mode. She seems nervous when other people do (though she doesn't object). She seems to be keeping an eye on Jim, Ace, and Eva.

Katya goes off with a bunch of people to look for Andrej. Later, she goes to talk to Stannis with Jayla and Janzur.

Katya takes Jim to some governmental offices.

2780.242 Katya is acting more like herself again, though she's still a but nervous and edgy. She's no longer avoiding Jim, and is in fact acting quite friendly towards him.

2780.255 There's a sculpture sitting on Katya's desk: two figures twining around each other and joining into one. One of the figures has visibly been damaged and repaired.

2780.2?? Katya is sober and pensive. She can sometimes be found poring over the Hegimonicon, or just staring off into space.