List of (some) skills-and-people for reading the hegimonicon

Psi theory

Eva: 1 (done)

Kith: 1 willing to go to 2. (Might do Gen Eng. Wants to do something helfpul)

Maury: 1, willing to go to 3 or higher. (ME 1, GE 1. Willing but unhappy to do GE 9, AA 5; doesn't want ME 10.)

Ruehan: 7. (willing to buy more--in fact, wants to be the =9 person. (But doesn't have the other skills & doesn't want to buy them). Now offers to buy the Astronomy.

Katya: 3 (willing to buy up) (possibly willing to buy piles of GenEng, though I don't have either the dice or the mindset to use it for much else besides hegimonics)

Max: 2 (willing to do AA 4 / PsiTheo 6, but it's a lot of points and would someone else be better suited?)

Sharra: 0? (no ME but wants to buy some anyway)

Kye: not really interested

Ace: not interested

The book +2 does not help

Proposed plan for the just-psi-theory part:

Proposal for 2-skills items:

Additional thoughts:

Max: Add to it the following possibilities: Sophia's schtick-taker might have version which is a skill-taker. It's mad, but that's what she does.

At some point, I might remember someone from Pierogi who has some appropriate skills. I have no data right now on how likely that is, but someone with psi-related knowledge and schticks might be useful for the next run.

Finally, Astrophyics is most commonly found among dust nebula explorers. I don't recall any specific high psi-theory explorers, but it _is_ the kind of thing we could search for in the outworlds. High psi theory people I can think of: Ghier, the Rosicrucian Academy on Crux, the Spartan Skalds (those that are still alive), and the Vertaki Architects.

GM clarification: Sorry, I think somewhere along the way astrophysics and astronavigation got conflated. Astronavigation is the skill that dust nebula explorers have a lot of; astrophysics is a science skill.

Both astronomy and astrophysics are one point.

Jayla: Genetic Engineering 9 + Psi Theory 4: I hear that Stannis' Law is the place to look for geneticists. Does anyone know who might have a 7 or 9?