*Germany Stuff!

Hi. Chances are that if you're looking at this page, it's because you went to yahooligans.com, typed in "Germany", and got this page. While I don't mind random people looking at my pictures, please understand that this is a personal photo gallery of the places I went while living in Germany. This does not mean these pages will answer your questions about Germany, its culture, its history, etc... It is also not likely to have the information required for writing a grade school report on Germany (the email I most often get from random people are from students asking for help on a report, or from their frusterated parents asking for the same.) That said, feel free to browse. Enjoy.

I also sent out e'mail to a list of folk while I was in Germany. I've added a link to them below. They have been modified slightly to fix glaring grammatical errors, and to protect people's privacy. [*******] means something was removed. Now presenting...

The Periodic Adventures and the Adventurous Periodical of Marleigh

*: These are photos I took while living in Germany. I did travel to places which were not in Germany, like Vienna, Rome, and Brussels. I've been getting email from people who seem to think the page misleading in that respect. I'll try to note places which aren't in Germany with the little star.

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