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Here's my desk at work.  I worked hard to make it look like a typical setting for me, then it turned out all dark.  Sniff.  Anyway, to the right of the computer is a half empty (or half full?) bottle of Libelle Orangen-Limonade and a butter pretzel, which is my usual breakfast.  There's also a box of cocoa, which I thought was hot chocolate mix when I bought it, for making hot cocoa.  On the computer I have telnet and my email windows up, and Winamp running in the corner.  That blotchy shape to the left is my hat.  In the distance I can see lots of neat houses and stuff, but it is generally so overcast that I can't see much.  This picture is authentic that way.

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This is the DaimlerChrysler complex from a walkway by my office.  Kinda neat, huh?   It was built by a famous architect from New York who I've never heard of.   Richard Meyer, I think?  The roundish building on the left is the Cantina (too sophistocated to be called a cafeteria).  In the middle are the executive buildings, we're moving there in a few weeks, even though we're fairly low on the food chain.   The red thing is a wierd sculpture thing.  The green building at the far right is part of the university, the med school, I think.

The Mensch-Machine Interaktion (MMI) Group

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Ralf Hille
my officemate.  He likes Pink Floyd.

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Richard Oed

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Stefanie Fetzer
(I swear, every other woman here is a Stefanie)

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Michael Offergeld
(I think he is someone of note, since Ralf once asked if I had heard of him before in the states.  I hadn't.)

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