I went to Augsburg, a city near Munich, on Saturday, March 6, 1999.

augsrathaus.jpg (27446 Byte)


Augsburg has a neat Rathaus.  Neat Rathouses seem to be a thing in Germany.   This one was treacherous, though.  I thought it was the only building with those wacky domes, since they're fairly uniquie in German architecture.  Whenever I got lost I'd try to spot a tower and make my way back to the town square.  It turns out that many other buildings in Augsburg also have towers just like that one, so there would be a sort of symetry in the architecture.  Figures.

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St. Ulrich's church.  I thought it was St. Maria's cathedral, then rechecked the tourist map and realized I'd been walking the wrong way down the street.

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The real Dom St. Maria (ie St. Maria's Cathedral).