Going Away Party!

people1.jpg (22583 Byte)


Yup, it's random people from my going away potluck, in which much food was brought and taken home again.  Mahk LeBlanc, Alan Glazer (aka The Mystery Guest), Andrea Humez, and Jamie Morris.

grantandy.jpg (22562 Byte)


Grant Gould and Andy Shultz, being goofusheads.

people2.jpg (24155 Byte)


This one didn't come out very well.  Andrea Humez in front, with Chris Provenzano, Alyse Mann, Dave Cho, and Laura Baldwin.  Scrupulously not picutred are Jeremy Brown and Mikka Goldberg.

jan.jpg (13923 Byte)


Not actually from the potluck, I took this to test out my camera at ET.   Jan-Willem Maessen, all decked out for ET Initiation.

snugglytommy.jpg (21934 Byte)

Also not from the party, Tom Giordano with D'artangion and Gawain, looking very cute and cuddly.