Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

Heroscape is an elegant table-top, customizable (expandable, not collectible), hex-based wargame about time traveling armies (robots vs. dragons vs. romans vs. ...) produced by Hasbro. Compared to its competitors, its rules are simpler, game play proceeds more quickly, the board is more modular, and the entry cost (in time and money) is much lower. The basic set costs $40, and since booster packs are non-random you can ensure that you own the entire game for a few hundred dollars, although you can play competatively with any subset of the game. While the game rules are simple, each character/squad has special abilities that give the game non-trivial strategy. Most importantly, the character rules and scenarios are very well play-tested and extremely well balanced.

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Other Resources and Links:

The official Heroscape homepage has complete stats for all the units, and rules for all the terrain. There are some good Heroscape photos at BoardGameGeek.com. Many fans have created custom units -- one has even created an online program for creating custom stat cards. Lord Raidor has an extensive page with house rules for better drafting and custom unit designs (mostly Star Wars). For lots of additional heroscape fan info, see heroscapers.com.

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