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Research Publications available for download, along with drafts of my PhD thesis, defense slides, and job talks.

I am a PhD student at MIT in CSAIL, working in the Software Design Group (SDG) under the supervision of Daniel Jackson. My work is largely in Software Engineering, Requirement Engineering, and Human Computer Interactions. My recent research interests include applying and expanding the Problem Frames approach, analyzing the software used by the Northeast Proton Therapy Center at the Mass. General Hospital (MGH), and improving the user experience for logical modelers. In 2007, I wrote a longer description of my current research for the department-wide research abstract collection.

As an undergraduate at Haverford College, I double majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. In CS, I was advised by David Wonnacott, who does work in programming languages and compilers. We worked on efficiently determining integer satisfiability in the presence of disequalities. In Math, I was advised by Curtis Greene, who does work in algebraic combinatorics. We worked on the decomposition of polygons and polytopes into Minkowski summands. To a lesser extent, I studied primatology with the now retired Sid Perloe.

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