Lectures and Papers

The class schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Lec #1: Introduction and Course Overview (Mon, Sep 13, 2021)

Goal: Overview of class, learning how to read and review a paper

Lec #2: Underwater to Air Communications (Mon, Sep 20, 2021)

Goal: Learn fundamentals of communications, sensing, RF, acoustics

Lec #3: Batteryless Underwater Communications (Mon, Sep 27, 2021)

Goal: Learn fundamentals of energy harvesting, backscatter, end-to-end system design

Lec #4: Underwater Localization (Mon, Oct 4, 2021)

Goal: Learn fundamentals of localization and physics of wireless/acoustic channel

Mon, Oct 11, 2021: No Class (Indigenous Peoples’ Day)

  • Meet with instructor during the week to discuss class projects

  • Due: Project Proposal + Team (Oct 15)

Lec #5: Underwater Imaging (Mon, Oct 18, 2021)

Goal: Learn fundamentals of underwater imaging and emerging imaging/robotics techniques
Lecturer: Dr. Jules Jaffe, Research Oceanographer, UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Lec #6: Opportunistic Mobile Sensing using Fishing Vessels/Gear (Mon, Oct 25, 2021)

Goal: Learn about the emerging area of opportunistic sensing in practical deployments
Lecturer: Dr. Julie Jakoboski, Oceanographer, MetOcean

Due: Project Progress Report 1 (Fri, Oct 29, 2021)

Lec #7: Subsea Ocean Observation (Mon, Nov 1, 2021)

Goal: Learn about recent advances in SMART cables + project check-in
Lecturer: Prof. Bruce Howe, Research Professor, University of Hawaii

Lec #8: Ocean drones: underwater, fish-like, and sail drones (Mon, Nov 8, 2021)

Goal: Learn about fundamental and emerging technologies for marine robotics
Lecturer: Prof. Matthew Johnson-Roberson, Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Lec #9: Low-Cost Ocean Instrumentation (Mon, Nov 15, 2021)

Goal: Learn about emerging low-cost ocean instruments to quantify organic carbon fluxes
Lecturer: Prof. Melissa Omand, Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

Due: Project Progress Report 2 (Fri, Nov 19, 2021)

Lec #10: Passive Ocean Acoustics and Bioacoustics (Mon, Nov 22, 2021)

Goal: Learn emerging techniques in passive acoustics and bioacoustics + project check-in
Lecturer: Dr. Julien Bonnel, Associate Scientist, WHOI

Lec #11: Remote Sensing and Imaging (Mon, Nov 29, 2021)

Goal: Learn about emerging and classical results in ocean remote sensing
Lecturer: Aiden Fitzpatrick, PhD Candidate, Stanford University

Lec #12: Project Presentations & Demos (Mon, Dec 6, 2021)