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Volume I

Contained herein are the archives of the critically-acclaimed Darklocke & Tomo's Social Column. News of only the highest import graces our newsletter. We care greatly about you, our reader, to make sure that only the latest news reaches you.



Our inaugural issue, published on 5 Fire 1601, took all of Areth by storm with our keen attention to detail.

Our much-anticipated second issue, published on 48 Fire 1601, broke all previous expectations.

Our precedent-breaking third issue, published on 26 Ash 1601, vaulted the Column to new forms of plagarism.

Our hugely successful fourth issue, published on 42 Ash 1601, continued the trailblazing journalism of the Column.

What 'ees this, fourth? fifth? issue, published on 58 Ash 1601, is got no ref'rence to that Rhaenys lass, eh?

Our special double Xmas issue, published on 14 Phoenix 1601, with special guest columnist Candace!

Our special Valentine's Day issue, published on 45 Ice 1602, will take away that sweet romantic feeling that's been nauseating you all day long.

Final Death won't stop us! Here it is, the fastest-published issue of the Column! (Published on 60 Wind 1602.)

We're on vacation! Yes, a year later, and we're taking a well-deserved break. (Hey, Darklocke, how's your arm healing? Those spiral fractures really suck, don't they?) But not to worry, all your news needs are taken care in our guest columnists' issue!

Darklocke and Tomo's Social Column is a production of Bad Idea of the Month Club.