In 1989 The Back Bay Midnight Pedalers started making an annual tour of historic and architectural sites in the Boston area. The ride usually occurs in mid-to-late August, beginning just before midnight on a Saturday night and running until a little after sunrise on Sunday. The ride route and length varies, but is usually around 30 miles.
Pictures from 2002.
Pictures from 2003.
Pictures from 2004.
Pictures from 2005.
No pictures from the August 20, 2006 ride — too much rain, not enough photogenic things.
Pictures from 2007.
Pictures from 2008.
Pictures from the 2009 ride will be up soon...who am I kidding, they'll be up eventually, but not soon.
2010 pix? No kidding I only just dumped them off of the camera card in July in 2012. I'm still deluding myself into thinking I'll post them eventually.
I missed the 2012 ride, so there definately won't be pictured of this one.
2014, no Pictures
2015, There are some pictures on my phone, maybe I'll upload them someday.
Ham radio operators who are interested in helping with communication should contact me via email to jweiss at

The 2016 ride is scheduled for August 13-14, 2016.

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