Starting shortly before midnight on Saturday August 17, 2002 and continuing until after dawn on Sunday the 18th the Back Bay Midnight Pedalers held their 14th annual Boston By Bike at Night ride. This year it was co-sponsored by the Boston Natural Areas Network

Below are some pictures I took on the ride. Since the Ted Williams Tunnel was on the ride for the second time, and I didn't have my camera last time, that's where I spent most of my film. Click on any image to bring up a larger version.

Riders mill about while the organizers coordinate with the State Police, before...
we start to ride through the Ted Williams Tunnel.
Don't tell me you thought we'd get through the tunnel without encountering some construction. This is the Big Dig after all.
"Birds eye view" as I coast through part of the tunnel. I really like the effect created by the "antlers" on my bike.
Yup, we even had a State Police escort.
Of course, after riding through the tunnel, we had to stop and look back at the city.
A few hours and miles later, the sun rose. We didn't quite make it to the usual Castle Island stop in time for sunrise. It was pretty anyway.

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