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New: 3D Backscatter Localization for Fine-Grained Robotics
Zhihong Luo, Qiping Zhang, Yunfei Ma, Manish Singh, Fadel Adib  
Usenix NSDI'19, Boston, Massachusetts, February 2019


New: Learning Food Quality and Safety from Wireless Stickers
Unsoo Ha, Yunfei Ma, Zexuan Zhong, Tzu-Ming Hsu, Fadel Adib  
ACM HotNets'18, Redmond, Washington, November 2018


Enabling Deep-Tissue Networking for Miniature Medical Devices
Yunfei Ma, Zhihong Luo, Christoph Steiger, Giovanni Traverso, Fadel Adib  
ACM SIGCOMM'18, Budapest, Hungary, August 2018
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Minding the Billions: Ultra-wideband Localization for Deployed RFID Tags
Yunfei Ma, Nicholas Selby, Fadel Adib  
ACM MobiCom'17, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2017
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Drone Relays for Battery-Free Networks
Yunfei Ma, Nicholas Selby, Fadel Adib  
ACM SIGCOMM'17, Los Angeles, California, August 2017
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Wireless Systems that Extend Our Senses
Fadel Adib  
Ph.D. Dissertation, EECS MIT, October 2016
Sprowls Award for Best PhD Thesis in Computer Science at MIT
ACM SIGMOBILE Dissertation Award


Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals
Mingmin Zhao, Fadel Adib, Dina Katabi  
ACM MobiCom'16, New York, New York, October 2016
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ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights
CACM Research Highlights


Capturing the Human Figure Through a Wall
Fadel Adib, Chen-Yu Hsu, Hongzi Mao, Dina Katabi, Fredo Durand  
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia'15, Kobe, Japan, November 2015
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Multi-Person Localization via RF Body Reflections
Fadel Adib, Zach Kabelac, Dina Katabi  
Usenix NSDI'15, Oakland, California, May 2015
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Smart Homes That Monitor Breathing and Heart Rate
Fadel Adib, Hongzi Mao, Zach Kabelac, Dina Katabi, Robert C. Miller  
CHI'15, Seoul, South Korea, April 2015
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Honorable Mention Award


Demo: Real-time Breath Monitoring Using Wireless Signals
Fadel Adib, Zach Kabelac, Hongzi Mao, Dina Katabi, Robert C. Miller  
ACM MobiCom'14, Maui, Hawaii, September 2014
Best Demo Award


3D Tracking via Body Radio Reflections
Fadel Adib, Zach Kabelac, Dina Katabi, Robert C. Miller  
Usenix NSDI'14, Seattle, Washington, April 2014
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Interference Alignment by Motion
Fadel Adib (Co-Primary), Swarun Kumar (Co-Primary), Omid Aryan, Shyamnath Gollakota, Dina Katabi.  
ACM MobiCom'13, Miami, Florida, October 2013
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RF-Compass: Robot Object Manipulation using RFIDs
Jue Wang, Fadel Adib, Ross Knepper, Dina Katabi, Daniela Rus.  
ACM MobiCom'13, Miami, Florida, October 2013
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See Through Walls with Wi-Fi!
Fadel Adib and Dina Katabi.  
ACM SIGCOMM'13, Hong Kong, August 2013
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See Through Walls with Wi-Fi
Fadel Adib.   [PDF]    
Master's Thesis, EECS MIT, June 2013
William A. Martin Award for Best Master's Thesis in Computer Science at MIT


Faster GPS Via the Sparse Fourier Transform
Haitham Hassanieh, Fadel Adib, Dina Katabi, Piotr Indyk.  
ACM MobiCom'12, Istanbul, Turkey, August 2012
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Clearing the RF Smog: Making 802.11 Robust to Cross-Technology Interference
Shyamnath Gollakota, Fadel Adib, Dina Katabi, Srini Seshan.  
ACM SIGCOMM'11, Toronto, Canada, August 2011
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It's Time to Scale: Face Recognition Beyond the Precision
Fadel Adib and Jad Kabbara.  
FEASC'11, Beirut, Lebanon, May 2011


VSpyware: Spyware in the VANET
Fadel Adib and Hazem Hajj.  
IEEE On-MOVE'10, Denver, Colorado, October 2010

Efficient Time and Frequency Methods for Sampling Filter Functions
Fadel Adib and Hazem Hajj.  
ICISP'10, Trois-Riveres, Canada, June 2010

Empirical, Analytical and Programmable Methods for Computing Sampling Rates of Filter Functions
Fadel Adib.  
FEASC'09, Beirut, Lebanon, May 2009

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