Tech Squares Officers

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers.

President: Veronica Boyce
Vice President: Alex Dehnert
Treasurer: Britt Huhmann
Vice Treasurer: Hans Liu
Class Coordinator: Pi Fisher
Publicity Coordinator: Luke Sciarappa
Members at Large: Katie Mathison and Ginda Fisher

Appointed Officers

Corresponding Secretary: Ginda Fisher
Recording Secretary: Ginda Fisher
Safer Dances Coordinator: Alex Dehnert and Nika Rivilis
Booking Director: Ginda Fisher
Rooming Director: Naomi Schurr
Rounds Coordinators: Florrie Johnson and Rachel Downing
Club Photographer: Heidi Clark
Webmaster: Rachel Stevens
Roster Managers: Stephen Gildea and Genni Mushlin
PE Instructor: Ginda Fisher