Tech Squares Class Lessons

These are the definitions of the calls taught in class each week.

Our square dance class covers the Callerlab Basic, Mainstream, and Plus programs.

These definitions are not the official Callerlab definitions. These definitions are in general more readable and in some cases more accurate; in other cases accuracy has been sacrificed for clarity. Some definitions had to be changed to prevent forward references with our teaching order. They were written by club members Stephen Gildea and Linda Resnick during the Spring 1995 class. The teaching order was re-done Spring 1998 by Ted Lizotte, our club caller, again by Ted for Fall 2003 when we changed the class ending time to 10:30 and added a 14th week, and again Spring 2004 when we went back to 13 weeks to avoid starting the class before PE.

You might also find the call animations on Noriko Takahashi's website useful while you are learning to dance. The Tam Twirlers' TAMinations site has Java-based animations which go all the way up to C3A with a variety of different square dance games, once you've mastered Plus!