Advanced & Challenge Dancing

In addition to the Plus dances run by Tech Squares, there are also Advanced and Challenge dances that are run through Tech Squares.

CCS: Cambridge Challenge Series (C1 & C2)

CCS holds dances about twice a month on MIT campus from 7:30pm to 10pm. We dance to a variety of guest callers, usually alternating C1 and C2, but the precise program varies to accommodate current classes and dancer interest. Please see the calendar for more details. If you are not a regular CCS dancer, please contact tech-squares-ccs before attending, so we can inform you of any last-minute cancellations or changes in schedule or venue. The fee is usually $5 per dancer.

CCS has a calendar.

C3S: Cambridge Challenge Cubed Series (C3A & C3B)

C3S holds dances roughly once every month, varying the day of the week and when in the month. Dances alternate between C3A and C3B tips, starting with C3A. Dances run from 7:30pm to 10:00pm, and dancers are requested to donate $5 to the caller. Dances are open to anyone who knows C3A. For any questions, please contact 3geek14

C3S has a calendar.

Advanced Dances

Tech Squares does not currently have regular Advanced dances. Occasionally, CCS will host a dance that includes A2.


Advanced classes are held regularly, every year or two. For more information, please contact squares

Classes at C1 and C2 are held irregularly depending on interest. For more information, please contact squares

Classes at C3A and C3B are held when there is enough interest. For more information, please contact src4sd

In general, you should be solid at your current level before moving on to the next. There are regular dances at most levels to provide the necessary practice (see above). If you are unsure of your suitability to learn a new level, you can ask experienced dancers of the level or contact addresses above for advice. Class organizers will use discretion as to whom they accept into their classes; but in general they do not accept people who cannot dance the previous level well.