Tech Squares Dance Locations at MIT

Tech Squares dances are held somewhere on the MIT campus (Cambridge, Massachusetts), usually the second floor of the Student Center, either in La Sala de Puerto Rico or Lobdell Dining Hall. See our parking page if you need to park near campus.

Student Center

The MIT Student Center (building W20, click link for map) is at 84 Massachusetts Ave. The Sala and Lobdell are on the second floor, 20 Chimneys and the Mezzanine Lounge are on the third, and rooms 407 and 491 are on the fourth. The Lobdell Balcony, where some class walk-throughs are held, is accessible from Lobdell via stairs.

Kresge Auditorium

Kresge Auditorium is the building near the Student Center with the three-cornered round roof. The Rehearsal Rooms (RRA and RRB) are in the basement.

Walker Memorial

Walker Memorial, containing Morss Dining Hall, is at 142 Memorial Drive. This is near the corner of Ames Street. See also MIT's map of the area around Walker. Walker is MIT building 50.

If coming from the Mass Pike, once you get onto Memorial Drive, stay on it past the light. Keep left when the road forks to go under Mass. Ave. Make the next possible U-turn; this will be at Wadsworth St. Come back one long block and park in front of Walker Memorial, the building with the four columns. (Or park elsewhere: the East Lot is especially convenient.)

If coming from Interstate 93, once you go over the Longfellow Bridge and turn onto Memorial Drive, Walker Memorial will be on the right after two long blocks (about 1/2 a mile), just after Ames Street.

du Pont Athletic Center

The Du Pont Gym (building W31) is on the corner of Vassar St and Mass Ave behind the Student Center.

DAPER Multi-Activity Court

The Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center (Z-Center, building W35) is located in west campus near the Student Center and Kresge Auditorium. It can be entered from Vassar Street or near the Kresge parking lot. The Multi-Activity Court (MAC) is located on the third floor. If you enter from Vassar Street then go to the other end of the lobby, passing the pool to your left. Tell the staff at the reception desk that you're there for Tech Squares in the Multi-Activity Court. Take the elevator or stairs to the third floor. There will be a long corridor that passes the squash courts. The squash courts will be on your right and windows overlooking the 50 meter pool will be on your left. Folow the corridor through another set of doors (POSSIBLE ACCESS PROBLEM). The MAC will be the last space on the right before the corridor ends in another stairwell.

Lobby 13

Lobby 13 (click link for map) is on the first floor of Building 13. It takes up most of the first floor of the building. To get there, either:

Building W92

Building W92 is west of the MIT Student Center and dormitories at 304 Vassar Street. This is at the corner of Amesbury Street and Vassar Street, and near the corner of Amesbury Street and Memorial Drive which is just before the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Memorial Drive. See also MIT's map of the area around W92. (Unfortunately the Student Center is off the right side of that map.)

If coming from the Mass Pike, follow the directions until you turn left onto Amesbury Street, and W92 will be right there at the corner of Amesbury and Vassar Streets.

If coming from Interstate 93, follow the directions until you turn right onto Mass. Ave. Then make the 2nd left onto Vassar Street. Follow Vassar Street for three blocks (the first block is very long) and then make a left onto Amesbury Street.

When parking at W92, you can park on the east (towards campus) side of W92 on Audrey Street, but not in the residence spots next to Tang and Westgate. People can also park in the angled parking spots on Vassar. (Of course, please check the traffic signs and only park where it's legal, since the information on this web page could be wrong or out of date and we don't want anyone's car to get ticketed or towed! See our parking page for other parking options.) Please leave the guest spots near the front entrance of the building free for the caller and cuer.

Burton Dining Hall

Burton Dining Hall (click link for map) is west of Kresge on Amherst St. Go past the guard shack of the Kresge parking lot and walk West along Amherst Street (up river). Burton Hall is just past the tennis dome; enter at the ground level entrance, provide your name to the desk worker and follow instructions / signs to the Porter room (up one flight of stairs over Amherst St).

Getting to Campus by Public Transit

Getting there on the T (public transit):

The nearest subway stop to MIT is "Kendall/MIT" on the Red Line.  See this map with the Kendall T station (on Main Street) and W20 (where most dances are held) highlighted. Other halls where Tech Squares dances are also to the west of the Kendall T station.

The #1 bus, Harvard/Dudley, runs along Massachusetts Ave. right past the Student Center. It intersects the subway at