Tech Squares is a square dance and round dance group at MIT. We dance Plus squares and Phase II to IV rounds once a week in addition to other events.

Future Tech Squares Events

50th Anniversary Dance

The Tech Squares 50th Anniversary Dance will be 22–24 September 2017, with Rob French and Ted Lizotte calling and Roy Williams cueing. We hope you'll join us!

Fall Class!

Learn to square dance in the Tech Squares Fall Class. The class starts September 12 at 8:00 PM in Lobdell, in the MIT Student Center (84 Massachusetts Ave). The first night is free! Find out more about our class.

What is square dancing?

Modern square dancing is a physical activity where groups of 8 people (a square) work together to execute sets of dance actions (calls) that the caller strings together. The caller makes up the sequence of calls on the fly, so the dancers have to interpret the call and work together in real time. The best way to understand square dancing is to watch some of it.

Tech Squares teaches square dance classes each semester. Each class runs for about 13 weeks, and teaches Plus level dancing, which is danced at Tech Squares and many other clubs worldwide. Find out more about our class or join our low-volume mailing list, which will get just a few messages before the start of class once a semester.