Square Dance Resources

Resources hosted by Tech Squares

Tech Squares hosts the following square dance resources. Contact us if you have a resource you'd like help hosting.

How to Angel
Advice on angelling for the Tech Squares class
Sd - A Caller's Helper
Sd is a program that helps square dance callers write material.
Barry Leiba's Call of the Month column
Lots of articles to make you think hard about your favorite calls!
The tex-squares macro package for LaTeX
Lay out square dance diagrams with the typesetting package (La)TeX.

Recommended Web Sites

Vic & Debbie Ceder's website
Definitions of calls from A2 to C3B, as well as a choreography database, and articles about square dancing.
Everything about square dancing. A master index; it also contains links to other clubs.
A useful website for those interested in calling.
Lynette Bellini's website
A useful site for Challenge dancing.
Call animations which cover the levels from Mainstream to C3B. Also includes a number of square games, so you can see (for example) how the C1 call "In your Blocks, Square Thru" works when dancing hex (right- or control-click on a dancer to enable hexagon squares).
Bill Ackerman's C4 Calls, Concepts, and Notions
A useful book for high challenge dancers by a long-time Tech Squares member. Part 1 covers calls, part 2 covers concepts, and part 3 covers "notions" (everything else!). Although Bill is responsible for introducing hundreds of new dancers to square dancing, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted!
Bill Ackerman's Unusual Coordinates
A guide to some unusual formations for doing Coordinate.
"Unusual Coordinates"