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Contents of Jim's Public directory.

Readme A readme file.

Jim's Journal. A journal that talks about what I did today.




Out Of Game

Player: Tom Giordano
Email: justom@mit.edu

Pronunciation: "Jim" rhymes with "Tim."

Last updated: 2780.351.

Jim gets thrown in the tubes after getting back from the rescue mission. When he comes out, on Lendt, he has a fine traceing of scar tissue on both of his hands. He's seen rubbing them or looking at them, occasionally, but doesn't seem to be otherwise impaired from doing things around the ship. (2780.351)

Jim spends a good chunk of time in Fabrication over the course of several days. Afterwards, he tends to wear a new knife in a sheath on his hip. (2780.303)

Jim can also be found in the practice rooms in the mornings, training with Janzur. (2780.255)

Jim is spending more time in the practice rooms recently, focusing on throwing knives. He also has begun carrying a pair of throwing knives in his belt when on duty. (2780.244)

Jim is noticeably more outgoing recently. More of his personal time is spent with other crew members, and he actively seeks people out to chat or spend time with. He occasionally lapses into periods of quiet contemplation, even when other people are around. (2780.228)

Jim is quiet and not very social recently. He goes straight from being on-duty to his quarters, or, sometimes, the Tinoori quarters. (2780.136)

The data modelling software is no longer running, as of about 2780.114. There's also now a glass jar with a cloud in it on Jim's desk. A whole pile of red counters with question marks on them have been added to the Linked Worlds map, near the Bastion system. (2780.133)

Jim has some sort of data modelling software running on a laptop on his desk, with a note saying "Long-term simulation running, please don't reboot! Thanks, Jim." He's also added a map of the Linked Worlds to his desk, with a whole pile of red and blue counters (and some of other colors) arranged in what looks like current fleet formations. Again, covered in plastisheet. The flyers have been put away. Jim's been a bit more social lately. (~2780.100)

Jim's quarters have been redecorated a bit. His desk is a jumble of papers, flyers, etc. It's covered with plastisheet for zero-G compliance, but it's somewhat hastily done. He's hung a framed Hegemonic Explorer Scout seal above his desk, and around it has attached holophotos. In the lower left hand corner is a picture of six troops of Scouts at a Jamboree (one definitely Jim). In the lower right hand corner is a picture of a bunch of Scouts (none of them Jim). Others include pictures of a planet (more than one?) in Hegemonic times. Above the framed seal is a picture of a shining city, with nine tall towers forming a semi-ring around the center. The city sprawls for miles beyond in gleaming splendor. (2780.044)

Jim is not seen on active duty for a little while, and in general isn't wearing his uniform. He is available at some meals, but sometimes eats in his quarters. He's only rarely in the rec room, and not as sociable as normal. He also looks perpetually tired. (2780.044 - present)

Jim has a new patch on the shoulder of his uniform that's not really in the same style as the others; it's a hand inside a circle-with-slash. (2780.041)

Jim has seemed fairly focused since getting back from the swirling mists of space-time. He's been spending a bunch of time in his quarters when between systems and not on active duty. He spends much of his time on the Well off-ship. He seems somewhat grumpier than usual lately, too.

The speech Jim gave during Season Finale can be found here.

Scouting-related sheets

The list of Rank Requirements.

The complete list of Jim's Merit Badge Requirements.

The bluesheet "On Scouting".

The greensheet for Psychohistory.


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