Nebula Scout Service Project

Helping to Create Better Work Conditions for the Drudge Caste on Mainwell

James Powell
Troop 17, Tiras Nova, now serving on the HMS Hippocrates

A ten-page report, describing in a fair level of detail, Jim's efforts to create more just and equitable conditions for the Drudge caste on the Well:

A set of propaganda materials: flyers, leaflets, screen-shots from a website, etc. There's a campaign convincing the Citizens and upper classes that unions should be allowed (6 successes on Propaganda); one that convinces Drudges that their future can be improved through collective bargaining (5 successes).

Another is geared at the populace of the Blue Hegemony, and consists of a flyer campaign and a website. ("Memorial Day")

Both flyers and website show the Well as a terrible place that has been oppressed and is lawless, but is struggling to cast off that oppression. With our help, it can become a productive, law-abiding place. The flyer references Donella being held captive on the Well, with a tone of "It happened to the Hegemon, it could happen to You" and "It's not just someone else's problem any more" tone. It calls for the establishment of human rights and the rule of law on the Well. The back cover of the flyer will show a person at the top of a well, reaching down and helping someone climb out of darkness into the light.

They incite the populace to support the efforts of the rebellion and the unionization movements financially and diplomatically. They will tell people to write and call their representatives in the Avocate to support these issues. (Not really "invade the Well!", more "take a stand for freedom and human rights!") The flyer references the website, which has more details on conditions on the Well, bulletin boards/chat rooms, easy ways to contribute (paypal to relevant charities, etc.), template letters, links to other sites, etc.

There are two versions of the flyer, one that's generic and one that includes pictures of Jim helping someone out of the well on the back, and has more of a "Jim Powell supports improving conditions on the Well!" feel to it.

The website is 7 propaganda successes, and 100 successes for 9s of Computer Wizardry (that's "small-professional-business-sized", "professional quality"). The flyers are 9 successes. There's also a sheet of polling data, which shows that the campaigns caused a 6% shift in the residents of the capital of Quintessence, and 12% in New Light University, in favor of the statement "The Hegemon should take an active role in promoting positive change on the Well". (~2780.066)

A slightly different version of the website content focuses instead on the problems posed by White, and a feeling of "White is Bad, the Well is the source of White, we need to exert pressure to stop the flow of White", with some additional undertones of "there are so many addicted people on the Well that can't get support for their addictions, the planetary government won't help, we have to do something". (Cerulean, ~2780.115)

A set of letters:
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