The Source of Moral Authority of the Hegemon

The moral authority of the Hegemon comes from several sources. First is the long history and tradition of the Hegemony, and its general success as a governmental model. For almost 1500 years, the Hegemons ruled the Linked Worlds. Each Hegemon built upon the credibility of the ones who came before, until the Hegemon's words were accepted as law by the citizens of the Hegemony. The Hegemon's moral authority does not come solely from history, however. Many professions have a long history or tradition without conveying the same moral authority. The difference is the ability of the Hegemon to provide order. Through the SkyGuard, the bureaucracy, and the Elite, the Hegemon maintains order throughout the Linked Worlds. Through these mechanisms, the word of the Hegemon ensures the security and freedom of citizens throughout the Linked Worlds. The contract between the Hegemon and the citizens of the Hegemony had been upheld for centuries. The Hegemon provided for the welfare of the Hegemony, and instituted order when chaos might otherwise have prevailed. This legacy provided the Hegemon with the moral authority needed to rule the Linked Worlds.

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