Scooter Quidditch

This paper describes a sport designed by Jim called "scooter quidditch". It involves two teams, based on scooters. It's similar to soccer or ultimate frisbee in that there is a goal (aerial) that is defended by a goalie, and there is an offense that has to get a ball into the goal. Flyers are only allowed to go so far before throwing the ball to another teammate. One team member (the "Scout") is paired with a pilot, and tries to catch a fast-moving hard-to-perceive flying object ("robotic butterfly"), which is worth extra bonus points. Jim, Smeerp Patrol, Ruthie, Linnet, and the Tinoori took part in several short games, and some results and conclusions are included in the paper. The Tinoori have an obvious advantage as the Scout role, but this could be alleviated by having a harder-to-perceive butterfly. However, a perceptive Scout has to be matched with a capable pilot to catch the butterfly. Most players seemed to enjoy the game, although the ratio of points for goals versus catching the butterfly needed to be adjusted. Also, the size of the field needs to be big enough that scooters can accelerate to full speed, for more viewing excitement. Excerpts from interviews conducted with the players are included, on how they liked the different positions on the team, how the game played out, etc.

[Out of Game]

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