Analysis of the Data Extracted from the Second Captured Redliner

There is no sign that they sent a message indicating they were being attacked.

Their path seems to have been back to where they started this patrol round in the dust nebula. This one was in the vaguely-near-Sparta area. The sort of organized-stochastic search method seems to have been refined and streamlined a bit; there are places it doesn't seem to bother to look, that the earlier redliner might have. This is not so much because they're rushing harder, but that they've learned how to be faster about it, and find it important to be faster.

My sense based on this route and the other route [the route of the first caputured redliner] is that chance would say that they'd find an outworld maybe once a year, maybe a little more frequently than that.

The redliner has no record of where the Decider homeworld is; there is a place from whence this route set off, but it seems more like a where-the-fleet-was.

This redliner is similar to the last in that there's very little superfluous data on board (except for the two data collections that Sook mentioned - one scans of various bits of dust nebula, the other that she claimed was "techno music"). Previously, I had attributed that to the fact that most of the computer was wiped when you got to it. Now, it seems more a side effect of extreme organization. "They knew what the ship would require when if left, and the computers didn't have anything not on that list on board", is the feel I get.

Probably a redliner with a mission beyond "search the nebula along this route and report back what you find" would have more/different data in storage.

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