Neuro-symbolic Models for NLP (6.884)


Jacob Andreas (


Class will meet on Fridays from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM ET. We'll use this zoom link. Discussion will take place on Piazza.

Office hours: Thursdays 2pm–4pm (by appointment).


1/3 in-class paper presentation, 1/3 participation and reading responses, 1/3 final project.


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Intro [slides:pdf]
Symbols & systematicity Fodor & Pylyshyn 1998
Lake & Baroni 2018
Other kinds of generalization Hu et al. 2020
Sinha et al. 2019
Kamoya Ikhofua and Greta Tuckute
Empirical successes Furrer et al. 2020
Rumelhart & McClelland 1985
Simon Alford and Mahi Elango
Connectionist symbol processing Smolensky 1990
Plate 1990
Joey Velez-Ginorio, Tiwalayo Eisape and Pedro Colon-Hernandez
Discrete representations Weiss et al. 2018
Dalvi et al. 2018
Evan Hernandez and Geeticka Chauhan
Modular representations McCoy et al. 2019
Andreas 2019
Rami Manna, Hope Kean and Ekin Akyürek
Modular computation Geiger et al. 2020
Partee 1984
Carina Kauf, Matthew Huggins, Yixuan Pei and Hang Jiang
Tree-shaped models Socher et al. 2013
Dyer et al. 2016
Andreas et al. 2016
Ian Palmer, Shinjini Ghosh and Lara Rakocevic [slides:pdf]
Structured losses Oh et al. 2017
Mu et al. 2020
Belén Saldías [slides-a:pdf] [slides-b:pdf]
Meta-learning Lake 2019
McCoy et al. 2020
Ferran Alet, Abby Bertics and Joe O'Connor [slides:pdf]

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