Contacting Robert Seater

Finding my office:

"32-G707" translates to "building 32, Gates tower, floor 7, room 707".

Building 32 is the Stata center, the cockeyed building built by Frank Gehry to look like it was hit by an eathquake. It is at the corner of Vassar and Main, and is officialy at 32 Vassar St. If you enter the main doors closest to the corner of Vassar and Main, the fist elevators you find will be the right ones (to the Gates tower). If you end up in the Dreyfoos tower, try a different set of elevators. When exiting the elevator on the 7th floor, turn right and follow the winding corridor. My office is in the open space by the low 700's.

Here is a map of the nearby streets: map. Here is a picture of the front of the building: stata center

My office phone: (617) 253-3406

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