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Book in progress

Islamic Authority in the Internet Age. Summary.

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Working Papers

"Women's Authority in Patriarchal Social Movements: The Case of Female Salafi Preachers" | .pdf | Supplemental Information | Version: 20 November 2018.

"Adjusting for Confounding with Text Matching." | .pdf | With Brandon Steward and Molly Roberts. Version: 27 February 2018. Previously titled "Matching Methods for High-Dimensional Data with Applications to Text."

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"Why Are All the Interesting Questions Hard to Answer?" | .pdf | A short think piece that might expand. Version: 27 December, 2015.


Select qualitative cases using matching: web app or R. (See "Case Selection via Matching".)

Calculate the matching frontier: R. (See "The Balance-Sample Size Frontier in Matching Methods for Causal Inference".)

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