PhD Students

In progress

Andy Halterman | new methods for text analysis; civil war

Marsin Alshamary | religion; rebellion; Iraq; Shi'i Islam

Matt Cancian | soldier psychology; irregular warfare; Kurdistan

Aidan Milliff | responses to experiencing violence; South Asia; Chicago

Nasir Almasri | social movements facing repression; Middle East


Kacie Miura (defended 2020), Assistant Professor, University of San Diego | security dimensions of IPE; China

Andrew Miller (defended 2020), Assistant Professor, United States Naval Academy | criminal groups; virtual reality methods for surveys; Lagos; Baltimore

Vincent Bauer (Stanford, defended 2019), Center for Naval Analyses | military doctrine; counter-insurgency; Iraq war

Elizabeth Dekeyser (defended 2019), Postdoc, Institute for Advanced Studies in Toulouse | Islam in France; minority integration

Michael Freedman (defended 2019), Postdoc at Hebrew University; Assistant Professor, University of Haifa | religion; conflict; voting; Israel

Marika Landau-Wells (defended 2018), Postdoc at Saxelab MIT; Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley | threat perception; neuroscience; security studies

George Yin (Harvard, defended 2017), Postdoc at Dartmouth | IR theory

Stephen Wittels (defended 2017), private sector. Dissertation | non-violent protest movements



Santiago Segarra, 2016-2018, co-supervised with Ali Jadbabaie. Assistant Professor, Rice University (Electrical Engineering).


Roozbeh Safshekan, 2019-.

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17.41. Introduction to International Relations (Undergraduate)

An introduction to theories and evidence on the causes of conflict and cooperation in the international system.

17.568. Comparative Politics and International Relations of the Middle East (Graduate)

A seminar covering major themes and works in the field of Middle East Politics.

17.850. Political Science Scope and Method (Graduate)

An introduction to research design and research practice for graduate students.

17.426. Empirical Models in IR (Graduate)

A survey of statistical methodology as it is applied in the field of International Relations.