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Extraneous Images and Films

Juhan talking about Open Design

More babbling (Aug 05)

Kate and Juhan, Dec 04.

Mid-80s shots of Kate

Aldo in SF, Sept 05

Alex walking towards the Pompidou/IRCAM.

Standing next to the Green Monster

Boston skyline in July 2001

Summer '02 with a 1/5 scale Sukhoi SU-31

Camille enjoying the food of Paris

My grandmother trying out RingDisc for the first time in NYC

the view from a Paris hotel

A close-up video still of Isa taken with the JVC DV-500.

Summer 2001 on the Hudson

Sir Solti using the RingDisc in Chicago

The invitation for the RingDisc party (I designed the card)

The invitation for the RingDisc party

Camille and Juhan enjoying Paris

A Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Taking the perfect sunrise shot.

Eagle landing in Burlington, MA. Taken with the JVC DV500 video camera.

At the Burlignton RC Field, fall 2001

In production with the DV500 and glidecam



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