Seattle to Alaska by Hasty Outrigger Canoe

Relaxing at the Bella Bella dock.
After days in the rain I can
squeeze water from my skin.
Powered up off Cape Caution.
Closed-cell foam, greasy food
and 2 spare gallons fresh water
reduce the danger.

     Table of Contents:
The illustrated tale sections
1 Departure, fog and gale in Puget Sound
2 They let me cross the border, but..
3 From cottages to clearcuts
4 Orcas in Johnstone strait
5 Gale warnings and Native villages
6 Carvers in Klemtu
7 Salmon and Tailwinds to Prince Rupert
8 Tame deer on the beach, food all over the rocks
9 Philosophical Native fishermen in Ketchikan
10 Ferry back. Now what?

photos only sections 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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