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Established 02.1994
Updates continuing - 2004

[GIF image] Rei's Online Art Page

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* Camelot Addict DAoC Webcomics
* Recent stuff done on Cafepress
* "Spirit" Webcomics on
* Art Sampler:

[GIF image] Rei's Essays, Info, and Other Sites

* Rei's Anime and Manga Page. Includes:
* Spirituality Learned the Hard Way, with a self-help section for those in need.... Many disclaimers.
* Pet bird info. Cockatiels and lovebirds, in particular. Includes:

* Random Thoughts, some of which date from 1994 (or before), are now on their own separate page. Includes:

* Essays/info on technical topics

* "The CyberMUD." (My random HTML/text adventure game from 1994).
  • By the way, there IS a plot. It just starts about 1/3 of the way through....

* The Unofficial Ki Society site.
  • The Ki Society teaches Ki-Aikido, a type of aikido which stresses Ki development and mind and body coordination.

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