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The more serious writings are on my main homepage.

Stuff I wrote:

* Random Yummy Recipes. I think they're original. New: "hack" wine ... a fast and easy way to experiment with making wine.
* A random thing about Ki (Chi, Qi, prana(?)) energy. What is "plus" Ki?
* A random list of cool organisms.
* A random list of fragrant garden plants. Plus, backyard adventures with natures.
* A random list of MMP gaming terms as of 2/2003.
* A random list of downloadable screensavers as of 2/2003, with commentary.
* My not random tribute to Big Jimmy.
* A random list of truly evil things.
* A few random thoughts on being a writer.
* A random list of (no longer recent) computer games that I've played, and what I thought of 'em. Mostly Mac, SNES (Super Nintendo), and Playstation RPG games.
* For those with nothing better to read: Me. Plus my local random favorite foods (favorite Boston-area places to eat).
* For those of you at MIT who like to bitmap: Inessential Bitmap, in HTML format! Also available in the SIPB Office and on online help (olh).
* "The CyberMUD." (My random text adventure game from 1994). By the way, there IS a plot. It just starts about 1/3 of the way through....
* Should I put my rejected stories here? Hmmmm....
* The World Wide Web for the Clueless. Just in case, like me when I started, you don't know netscape from apache.
* Stats for these rei-related pages. I was just curious.... Here's 1 day's stats (this page got 237 connections via www.mit.edu).
* Memoirs of MIT. Written in '92, and re-discovered in a forgotten corner of my account. Best understood if you've been here.
* In defense of cynicism, and one way out of it.
* A Random List of Cool Qualities of Organizations.
* A deodorant that works

Stuff I have that I didn't write, but which I either have a copy of or help maintain:

* EIT. Have you been EITed lately?
* The October 1992 MIT hack, Cathedral of Our Lady of the All-Night Tool, had these Commandments.
* Interested in self-defense? Here's Ki Society info. The Ki Society teaches Ki-Aikido, a type of aikido which stresses Ki development and mind and body coordination.
* If you're interested in becoming a SIPB member, check out the SIPB Office Manual.
* HACKSThe MIT Hack Gallery. Everything from the CP Car on the Dome to the Bat in Lobby 7.

* The one and only MIT SIPB home page, of which I was a webmaster. I maintained the MIT Community-founded Commercial Sites page. For a while I did the stats.
* Once upon a time, I did stuff for the Official MIT home page. Useful MIT info, like how to apply.
* I do articles for EX, the new online Anime magazine. Speaking of mags, once upon a time I did some art for The Perl Journal. Perl: The Swiss-Army Chainsaw of scripting languages. Yeah.

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