Rei's Random List of Cool Organisms

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Randomly cool things:

Really Smart Dogs:

Really Smart Birds:

Really Smart Animals:

House Plants That Can Survive Cruddy Conditions:

(Perennial) Garden Plants That Can Survive Cruddy Conditions:

Cool Carnivorous Plants:

Many of these are becoming rare, thanks to uncaring people who take lots of plants from the wild to sell to uninformed consumers. Do NOT buy carnivorous plants, unless you are absolutely *SURE* they are grown by someone who is propagating the plants him/herself (and not all labels that claim this are telling the truth). Or unless you think you have a real chance of being able to propagate one, I suppose. As a note, they like cool temperatures (not higher than 75 degrees F), high humidity, and fairly bright light, and may require a dormant period - and as I recently learned, you must always use distilled water for watering never tap water. These are pretty hard conditions to meet in most homes. Check this article for more info.

(This page was first written in 4/94 ... the old days of the WWW.)

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