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Small note about legalities. Please read before downloading any of these.

All images here are copyright by Eri Izawa.

Studio at Art.Net

I have a studio at Art on the Net.

* Highlights of my studio:


* Camelot Addict DAoC Webcomics. (2003)
* Some of my latest n greatest stuff is at Cafepress.com.
    Includes animal art ranging from cockatiels to betta fish photos. (2002)
* My old homepage banner. (1995?)
* Horse A rearing horse. 'Nuff said. (xbm converted to GIF) (1992)
* Respite A nice day to sit under a tree with your dragon pal. (xbm converted to GIF) (1991)
* Dragon Armed and dangerous. (xbm converted to GIF) (1991)
* Fantasy Makes me want to have mint breathsavers, or something. (xbm converted to GIF) (1991)
* Many of the photos of the CP Car on the Dome at the IHTFP MIT Hack Gallery.
HACK on!
* MIT Hack Gallery -- Thesis Comes at the End -- MIT Photo


* Quick sketch of pet birds. My pet birds, in particular. Recently re-done in 2001, based on 1994 original.
* QuarterII He's just a guy.... (xbm converted to GIF)
* Kurama and Hiei (GIF). Toshihiro Togashi's characters, from Yu Yu Hakusho.
* Ryoga (GIF) Rumiko Takahashi's Ryoga, from the series Ranma 1/2.
* Oscar (GIF) from The Rose of Versailles by Riyoko Ikeda.
* Locke (GIF) from Chojin Locke by Hijiri Yuki.
* Scenery (GIF) Random scenery.
* Pancake (GIF) Random ad.
* Some random face (GIF) (manga-style, of course).
* SIPB GIFs Stuff you used to see on the SIPB server.
* More SIPB GIFs See above.
* YET more SIPB (and non-SIPB) GIFs
* Photos! Photos of my furry and feathery friends.
* Scanned images of manga-style line drawings (GIFS).
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