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This is just an html game that I wrote up way back in 1994, before the days of Flash, Java, and the like. Since it requires no server support and involves no hairy perl scripts, it really isn't very sophisticated. And so far, none of the artwork was made specifically for this game, either. But what the heck, you might have fun with it anyway.

Although there is no save feature (since the game doesn't save state), you can add a page to your hotlist and come back to it later.

Note: written as an HTML experiment more than anything, this game does have a number of those annoying "insta-death" situations, which I no longer put into my games. However, using the back button makes it pretty easy to undo mistakes :).

As always, you can email me at rei@mit.edu. Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome; compliments are even more welcome! And always feel free to send me typo notifications. :-)

Minor trivia: the game as it is now contains 176 files, including this one.

One more note: though the game has references to MIT and SIPB, you don't have to know much about either to play.

Later note [1996]: well, it's now well over a year after I wrote this game. It was one of the earlier WWW games in the world (I won't claim it was among the earliest). I'm glad there are still people playing and having fun. As a warning, the plot doesn't really become obvious until about a third of the way in ... but there is one. Really. Yeah.

[2001]: (JFYI, I hadn't read Snow Crash before I wrote this game.) After having worked on Asheron's Call and having played EverQuest and the like, I marvel at how far real graphical MUDs have come. To gamers out there, I just have to remind you: don't forget your real world obligations!

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