Semidefinite programming and computational aspects of entanglement

Instructors: Aram Harrow and Anand Natarajan


  1. Fri, 3 Nov: Introduction to convex optimization, separable states and nonlocal games.
  2. Thu, 9 Nov: Computational hardness of optimizing over separable states
  3. Fri, 10 Nov: Computational hardness of estimating the value of nonlocal games
  4. Fri, 17 Nov: The Sum-of-Squares SDP hierarchy. Application to separable states and entangled games.
  5. Thu, 23 Nov: Limitations on SoS and other SDP relaxations.
  6. Fri, 24 Nov: quantum de Finetti theorems, monogamy of entanglement and accuracy bounds on the SoS approximation for separable states.
  7. Thu, 30 Nov. Fri, 1 Dec. Proof of quantum de Finetti theorems. No notes available.