Fluctuation Induced Forces in and out of Equilibrium

Lectures by Mehran Kardar

Les Houches summer School on

Active Matter and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics

Lectures 1-2

  1. Fluctuation-Induced Force as constrained probability
  2. A plethora of FIF:

(Notes for lectures 1-2)

Lecture 3-4

  1. Scaling of   FIF with shape and dimension
  2. Entropic force from polymers
  3. Casimir and Casimir-Polder interaction

(Notes for lectures 3-4)

Lecture 5

  1. Origins of scale invariance
  2. Generic scale invariance
  3. Assumption of local equilibrium

(Notes for lecture 5)

Lecture 6

  1. Transient FIF in active matter
  2. Simulations
  3. Non-equilibrium Quantum Electrodynamics
  4. Motion and fluctuations

(Notes for lecture 6)

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