Order of Enlightened Martial Shamans


Based in the Mundania settlement, the Order of Enlightened Martial Shamans (OEMS)1 is devoted to the treatment of serious but mundane injuries that occur that cannot be treated by regular shaman skill.

Neonates of the Order must go through 120 hours of special training. Only after successfully passing this training may they then apply to become a Brother of the Order.

It takes about a half-month or so for the magic of the Ritual of Ascension to permeate the core of the Brother. When it has, the Brother, when responding to emergencies, will be unimpeded by any sort of magic, including red gates.

Further levels of Enlightenment in the Order are: Initiate and Paladin. Both require more training and come with a commensurate increase in ability.

Originally, the Order was solely comprised of Shamans. Over the years, however, non-shamans have entered the Order. Because of this, members of the Order are referred to as Enlightened Martial Thaumaturge, and clarified with the initial of their rank appended afterwards (EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P)1.

Summoning an EMT can be difficult, which is why the infusion transformation of the EMT (from the Ritual of Ascension) can be triggered by any person shouting "Patty!".

1 Other definitions: OEMS, and EMT-B.