Если мясо хорошее, то его лучше есть сырым.
((C) Aregjan Estate)

Caption:"Арегджан и барашки", not to be confused with "Арегджан и девушки".

Armenians have a centuries-old relation with food. Food is not afraid of the Armenians, because they know how to cook it. Chef Aregjan is no exception to this rule. Lambchops jump right into his embrace, dead chickens attempt to take off the ground and kiss him, salads toss and turn when he nears. Even cooked, the food never ceases to show its affection to Chef Aregjan.

To alleviate the suffering, Chef Aregjan applies enough pepper and salt to his food to suffocate the town of Brooklyn, NY. The town is not very large, but it needs suffocating.

Chef Aregjan can create delicious meals under severe weather conditions, in outdoor temperatures ranging from FREEZER to OVEN and under pressures ranging from simple time constraints to that of Jupiter. His relationship with the food is so intimate it is best not described here.

So come and partake of some of Chef Aregjan's creations! To make your mouth water simply consider these snapshots of his culinary masterpieces below.

Enter into Chef Aregjan's Culinary Creations Gallery!

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